President Purcell Releases February 2023 Awards

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The following edition of the Penn Press is a press release from the Office of the President and edited by Penn Press staff.

Whether in the public eye or behind the scenes, multiple individuals have contributed in various ways to further the development and success of the Penn Federal Republic. Whether directly or indirectly, domestic or foreign, the success of the Pennian state can be attributed to dozens of individuals.

It is my honor and privilege as President of the Penn Federal Republic to bestow the following awards and commemorations dated the twenty-first of February, in the year two thousand and twenty-three.

Commemoration of the Second Anniversary of the Foundation of the Penn Federal Republic

In commemoration of two years of development of the Penn Federal Republic, the individuals awarded provided significant advancements to the Pennian state, or whose ideas and principles influenced aspects of the nation.

Preetam KapeiHis Excellency, Vice President, Penn

Mason WalkerHis Excellency. Secretary of Finance, Penn

Devin Purcell – His Excellency, President, Penn

Zed SmithHis Excellency, Minister of Administration, Penn

Nicholas FisherThe Right Honorable, His Excellency, Minister of Defense, Penn

Matthew LaptevHis Excellency, Representative, Penn

Esty CarpentieriHis Excellency, Former Representative, Penn

Tobey Wyles His Excellency, Minister of State, Penn

Kaiden Wooten His Excellency, Former Vice President, Penn

Griffin MontbridgeThe Honorable, Chief Justice, Penn

Stephen LukeHis Excellency, Sir, Chancellor of Dracul, Dracul

Wyatt BaekHis Royal Majesty, Sovereign Prince of Gapla, Gapla

Dhrubajyoti RoyHis Illustrious and Royal Majesty, Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, Vishwamitra

Tyler MullinsThe Most Honorable, Duke, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Vishwamitra

Sertor Valentinus – His Excellency, Superior Judge, Cupertino Alliance

Christina NowellHer Imperial Majesty, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia and the Imperium, Cycoldia

Kevin Baugh His Excellency, President, Molossia

Order of Administrative Excellence

Awarded on the basis of excellence in administrative actions and areas, such as the management of paperwork and recordkeeping.

Preetam Kapei His Excellency, Vice President, Penn

Mason Walker His Excellency, Secretary of Finance, Penn

Tobey WylesHis Excellency, Minister of State, Penn

Devin Purcell
Devin Purcell
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