Karl Friedrich becomes Statistic-Dime Micronationalist of the Year 2022

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MEDICI CITY, PFR (Penn Press): The following is a bulletin of intermicronational news brought to you in part by Statistic-Dime.

Karl “Luxor” Friedrich has been an influential member of the community for years, assisting in multiple micronations and devoting unmatched time, effort, and even financial resources, to keep MicroWiki, the heart of micronationalism running effectively.

The Micronationalist of the Year Award is one of the most prestigious in the community, having been awarded only four times, including post-humously to veteran micronationalist Nicholas Randouler, who tragically passed away in 2020.

The following is an excerpt from the press release from Statistic-Dime.

Who should be awarded the Statistic-Dime Micronationalist of the Year Award for 2022?

  • Karl Friedrich (Luxor) received 12 votes (41.38%) 
  • Travis McHenry received 11 votes (37.93%)
  • Chris Ramsay received 6 votes (20.69%)

As such, we are pleased to announce that Karl Friedrich is the Statistic-Dime Micronationalist of the Year for 2022!

Karl, better known by his online handle ‘Luxor’, is a Czech micronationalist and Technical Administrator for MicroWiki. In early 2022, he became a co-owner of the site. For several years, Luxor has invested a significant portion of his time and money to ensure that the site is always running smoothly. Across 2022, he oversaw several essential upgrades to both the hardware and software that MicroWiki runs on, ensuring that MicroWiki will remain accessible [to] all micronationalists around the world.

Congratulations on receiving this honor, Karl! We would also like to congratulate the other two nominees, Travis McHenry and Chris Ramsay, who also both greatly contributed to the improvement of the micronational community in 2022.

The document dated 20 January 2022, was signed by Statistic-Dime CEO Daniel Hamilton and co-signed by SD board member Carson Snyder.

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