New Constitution Passes Federal Assembly, Stabilizing Government

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MEDICI CITY, PFR (Penn Press): After the fallout of what Rep. Nicholas Fisher (PC-RD) referred to as the “inactivity crisis”, President Purcell submitted a revised version of the nearly two-year-old Constitution, for a ratification vote in the Federal Assembly. The document is nearly a complete overhaul of its predecessor, rewording much of the original language and implementing contingency measures to protect the future of the nation in times of crisis.

The Constitution written nearly two years ago by President Devin Purcell during the birth of the nation was controversial on the basis of being a “mess of contradictions and relied too heavily on the Constitution of the United States”, citing some amendments clearly echoing the centuries-old document. There was no clear line of succession beyond the Vice President, and set very few guidelines for the functions and permissions of aspects of the government, and left most of the actions of the government in a vast gray area.

The new Constitution which had multilateral backing in the Federal Assembly is the first major step toward the Purcell Administration’s agenda of growing the nation and completes the primary goal of the Constitutionalist Party, which President Purcell is the leader of. The new document that President Purcell authored was “inspired by the Constitution[s] of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany,” with the backbone of the document continuing to be derived from the Constitution of the United States, however.

The Constitution eliminates language referring to abolished departments, replacing it with the newly instituted ministries and departments reportedly established within the last week, as listed below.

  • Ministry of Defense
    • Department of National Security
  • Ministry of State
    • Department of Foreign Relations and Affairs
    • Department of Immigration
  • Ministry of Administration
    • Department of Finance

The new Constitution also dictates the continuity of government in the event of the incapacitation of the head of state, starting with the Vice President, and continuing to the Minister of State, Chief Justice, etc.

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