VP Kaiden Wooten & Rep. Josh Elkind Impeached, Federal Assembly Weighs Inactivity Crisis

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MEDICI CITY, PFR (Penn Press): The most activity seen since the inception of the nation, however not for good reason. Sources in the government state that the Federal Assembly was in turmoil after the Interim Speaker and Minister of Public Safety, Rep. Nicholas Fisher (PC-RD), called on the Purcell administration to solve, what he described as, the “inactivity crisis.” He pointed out different methods to boost the activity of the nation’s citizens, beginning a several-day-long session of the Federal Assembly, with numerous resolutions up for a vote.

Ideas ranged from nominating President Devin Purcell to become a monarch to disbanding the nation entirely. Rep. Aaditya Joshi (IR-SX) of the newly formed IRS Party, was one of the most vocal supporters of disbanding the nation entirely, with sources stating that his comments led to him receiving a strike from the Interim Speaker.

Discussions are still ongoing and Penn Press analysts predict that the session could be ongoing for several more days.

Vice President Kaiden Wooten Impeached

The now former Vice President, Kaiden “Stx” Wooten, the namesake for the Stxia Region, was impeached and removed from his position as Vice President justified under Article VI, Section II of the Constitution of the Penn Federal Republic, constituting his months-long absence as grounds for removal.

“Inactivity. The official has not shown up to his/her post and has not contacted any government official or affiliate in over two months.”

Constitution of the Penn Federal Republic, Article VI, Section 2

In a divided vote of 6-1 with multiple Representatives absent, the vote marginally passed, reportedly causing Wooten to return and criticize the Assembly, haphazardly launching insults and unprofessional comments. Whilst the original resolution was to remove him only from his position as Vice President and leave him positions as Minister of Defense and a Representative of the Stxia Region, Interim Speaker Rep. Nicholas Fisher (PC-RD) amended the bill to remove him from all positions. Before the vote could officially pass, Wooten resigned from all positions and retired from micronationalism in its entirety.

Vice PresidentImpeachmentNov 29, 2022
Minister of DefenseResignationNov 30, 2022
Representative (Stxia Region)ResignationNov 30, 2022
Field Marshal of the Pennian MilitiaResignationNov 30, 2022
Vice President of the Constitutionalist PartyResignationNov 30, 2022
Positions that Kaiden “Stx” Wooten Resigned

Rep. Josh Elkind Impeached

After the impeachment of now-former Vice President Kaiden Wooten, Rep. Josh Elkind (I-RD), who also has not been heard from in months, was also impeached, however by a much clearer vote, passing 7-0. Elkind will keep his position as Consul General in Chicago, Illinois.

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