Assembly Elections Announced

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President Purcell announced a snap assembly election earlier today for two open positions in the Federal Assembly. The positions are to represent the Western district of the District of Medici, and Eastern district of the District of Medici. The election is set to begin on 26 November at 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (UTC–05:00), and will end at 7:00 PM. Current Representatives do not need to run in this snap election in order to keep their position; they will be required to run during the next scheduled Assembly elections. Candidates were asked to register on social media platform Discord in a specifically-purposed channel aptly named “candidate-registration.”

As of this article’s publication, two candidates have thus far registered to run—William Brown, 13, for the Western District, and Esty Carpentieri, 17, for the Eastern District. Both candidates are members of the recently re-established Socialist Party. Party founder and leader Carpentieri, more commonly known mononymously as Esty, previously founded the Socialist Party on 21 May earlier this year. Brown, who also serves as a diplomat to the PFR on behalf of the Terredepaixan Federation, obtained citizenship on 23 October.

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