Foreign Diplomat Charged with Digital Vandalism

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MEDICI CITY, District of Medici, PFR (Penn Press)

Shortly after noon on October 14, 2022, a warrant order was issued directly from the Offices of the President, ordering the arrest of Mr. Anthony Polash, the head of state and diplomat from the Republic of Lancaster, a member state of the Pennsylvanian Micronational Treaty Association, on multiple alleged charges relating to recent damages to online entities operated by the Pennian state.

The Offices of the President decrees the warrant for the swift and immediate arrest of Mr. Anthony Polash in connection with the vandalism of multiple website pages operated by the Penn Federal Republic and attempts to damage diplomatic efforts.

Offices of the President, “Warrant Order 001

Mr. Polash was charged with eight counts of digital vandalism relating to alleged “edit warring”, defined as two editors of an online encyclopedia (wiki) repeatedly reverting changes made by the other to validate their opinions on a particular subject, and by adding vulgar language to the Pennian MicroWiki page. He was additionally charged with one count of Impersonation of a Government Official, allegedly creating the account “User:Devin Purcell” to try to impersonate His Excellency President Devin Purcell, who operates on the site with the name “User:Devinpurcell”.

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