Supreme Court Levels Charges Against Vice President Andrew Brotherton

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MEDICI CITY, PFR | THE PENN PRESS | Authored by John Richards

His Honor Chief Justice Preetam Kapei (R-MC) has released a document into the court docket of the Supreme Court of the Penn Federal Republic, leveling charges against Vice President Andrew Brotherton (P-MC), alleging violations of the Anti-Discrimination Law, instituted just days before the offenses were reported to have taken place. The two images provided in the document show Discord messages that Vice President Brotherton allegedly sent containing several instances of racist slurs.

As per Pennian law, Vice President Andrew Brotherton is permitted to refute the criminal charges against him before his inevitable impeachment hearing is to take place in the Federal Assembly. Sources familiar with the subject state that Vice President Brotherton has “intended to contest” the ruling.

The impeachment hearing, which requires a five-sixths vote to impeach, has not been scheduled as of writing.

John Richards

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John Richards
John Richards
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