President Purcell Sweeps Polls, Wins Election

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MEDICI CITY, PFR (Penn Press):

Just some three days ago, officials of the Pennian government released the results of the 2022 Pennian General Election, which saw the highest recorded turn-out rate yet, despite being pitifully low, with less than half of the registered voters casting ballots.

President Devin Purcell of the majority party; the Constitutionalists, ran with Minister Andrew Brotherton of the People’s Power Party. Against Commissioner Nicholas Fisher, the Minister of Defence and head of the Medici Police Department, and State Minister Joseph Montgomery, the incumbent Purcell won with two-thirds of the vote (~66%), ensuring his continued tenure as President.

Immediately after the conclusion and verification of the election, President Devin Purcell enacted Executive Order 014 which moved several cabinet members into different positions. Surprisingly, Purcell did not remove his election opponents from their cabinet roles, however, he reassigned Minister Joseph Montgomery, former Minister of State, to the position of Minister of Finance.

After the election, President Purcell announced to foreign diplomats via Discord that the relatively inactive diplomatic relations that the nation maintained would be reactivated, directing many to contact him via email.

The Penn Press apologizes for the delay in the release of the preceding story as many of its staff were on vacation. From the Penn Press, this is John Richards, and have a great rest of your day.

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