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From Medici City, our Penn Press correspondents bring you the top stories this week.

1 – New Website Unveiled

A trade deal between the Penn Federal Republic and the Federated States of Gapla, brokered through representatives of the Offices of the President and the Gaplan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has resulted in the creation of a brand-new modern website for the Penn Federal Republic. After several weeks of work, a team from Gapla spearheaded by Crown Prince and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wyatt Baek delivered a beautiful website for use by the Pennian government.

“[A] step in the right direction for the legitimacy of the [Pennian] nation.”

His Excellency President Devin Purcell, June 2022

While a few adjustments are reportedly still being made by President Purcell, the website is ready to roll out, with government officials receiving information on setting up their new email accounts, according to a source familiar with the topic.

2 – June Elections to Federal Assembly Fail Miserably

After the passing of the Federal Assembly Act of 2022 which renamed the Senate to the Federal Assembly, and increased the seat count to fifteen, along with other minor changes; the scheduled elections to the new Federal Assembly that were supposed to take place on June 14, resulted in no new candidates registering to run, leaving six out of the fifteen seats vacant.

The Federal Assembly Act heavily impacted the Constitutionalist Party, who despite being the largest party by seat count (tied with independent representatives), found themselves from holding 22.2% of the majority, now holding a measly 13.3%. All other political parties that hold representation in the assembly found their grasp slip from 11.1% to 6.7%. However, with this new revelation that six out of the fifteen seats are now vacant, the parties regained their percentage of control over the legislative body.

3 – Candidates Gear Up for Upcoming Election

With the first Presidential election to take place on July 14, candidates are gearing up for their final campaigns in the next weeks.

Incumbent candidate, President Devin Purcell, the Constitutionalist candidate from the Medici Central region officially named his running mate, the Minister of Defence Andrew Brotherton, who while registered under the People’s Party, identifies himself as a “Catholic Democratic Brothertonite,” a socially conservative and economically center-left ideology.

The choice is controversial with his uncertain political views, with one voter commenting that he “changes his ideology too much … [and] an unreliable ruler as seen in Roscamistan.”

The only other candidate running is Medici Police Department Commissioner and Minister of Public Safety Nicholas Fisher, another veteran micronationalist with years of experience under his belt. He is running under the Populares-Conservatives ticket, known to be politically center-right.

JOHN RICHARDS – Editor-in-Chief, Penn Press

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