Landmark Constitutional Restructuring Act Passed

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MEDICI CITY, District of Medici (Penn Press): This past weekend, a landmark act was passed through the Senate of the Penn Federal Republic, amending the Constitution and opening the way for a rewritten draft of the document to be passed.

“The Constitution of the Penn Federal Republic, while adequate, is not fully comprehensive and elaborate enough to fulfill many of our new purposes and protocols. As such the Constitution needs to be restructured, and the Constitutional Restructuring Act of 2022 will set that into motion.”

Constitutional Restructuring Act of 2022

Proposed by H.E. President Devin Purcell in his capacity as Senator of the District of Medici, the act will remove sections detailing the duties of the now-defunct Ministries of Police, Fire, and Medical. These Ministries were consolidated into the Ministry of Public Service last March, which is now led by Senator Joseph Montgomery I. The act also removed mentions of the Ministry of Research and Development (R&D), which had been inactive since its inception.

The new draft of the Constitution is likely to be sent to the Senate for approval by the end of the week, according to insider sources.

From the Penn Press, this is micronational correspondent John Richards.

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John Richards
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