Foundational Senate Act of 2022 Passed: Creates New Regions

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MEDICI CITY (Penn Press): Just last Sunday, April 24, 2022, the Senate of the Penn Federal Republic passed the Foundational Senate Act of 2022, which outlined a new development of the Senate, which was inactive “for far too long” citing President Devin Purcell. The bill also creates new regions in the Penn Federal Republic, finally giving the suffix “Federal Republic” some backing.

The majority Constitutionalist Party of the nation led by current President Devin Purcell wrote and proposed the bill, passing it through the three-member interim Senate.

The new bill divides the nation into three states, the first being the capital district, the District of Medici, named after Medici City. The second is the Stxia Region (pronunciation: stiks-ia), named after the first and third Vice President, Field Marshall Kaiden “Stx” Wooten. The third is to be named the State of Randouler in memory of deceased micronationalist Nicholas Randouler.

The bill also establishes three senatorial seats per region, to be staffed with a representative of each region. Until proper senatorial elections can be held, President Devin Purcell is instituting the powers de facto granted to him by Article IV, Section III of the Pennian constitution, allowing him to institute Senators. The bill also includes the provision to allow the President to appoint Senators until all nine positions have been filled.

This story is still developing. The Penn Press is affiliated with the government of the Penn Federal Republic. While our writers try to stay independent, some biases may slip through.

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