Minister of Immigration, Fmr. VP Jared Racey Resigns, Leaves Micronationalism

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MEDICI CITY (Penn Press): This morning, former Vice President Jared Racey, currently serving as the Minister of Immigration resigned from all positions and left the micronational community citing loss of interest. This comes just a couple of weeks after President Purcell announced his government reshuffle, which moved Racey from the position of Vice President to Minister of Immigration.

It is reported that the President will absorb the vacant position into his various duties until a replacement can be found.

In an interview with HE President Devin Purcell, Penn Press correspondents asked him about the situation, to which he replied: “I was not surprised when Jared told me that he was resigning, I expected it as he made very little contribution, to be frank, and was very unprofessional during his tenure.”

External observers had also reported his unprofessionalism, citing one anonymous source, “[Racey] was very inactive and misused his accounts during official correspondences.”

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