Dhrubajyoti Roy becomes second editor on MicroWiki to reach 30,000 edits

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Dhrubajyoti Roy, Rashtradhyaksh (monarch) of Vishwamitra, has become the second user to reach 30,000 edits on micronational wiki MicroWiki. He edits under the account “Oritsu.me”.

During March of this year, Roy made an unprecedented 5,910 edits. He took it upon himself to standardise file names for macronational flags on the wiki and replace JPEGs and PNG file formats with a superior SVG format, as well as delete duplicate files of flags. Every page on the wiki previously using a non-standardised file name, duplicated file or non-SVG file for a macronational flag had to be changed. Evidently, there were thousands of such instances, resulting in Roy’s edit count spiking.

Since registering an account on 5 August 2020, Roy has edited at a rate of 49 edits per day – 2 per hour. Roy was promoted to a patroller – a role below administrator mainly concerned with marking articles for deletion and approving or rejecting edits made by newly registered accounts – on 14 May 2021, just before the role was formally removed on 19 May following an administrator consensus. Nevertheless, Roy retained his role on the wiki in order to continue to perform its functions. On 26 November of that same year, Roy was promoted to the status of administrator. That same month, he reached 20,000 edits, becoming the fourth user to do so. He mostly edits articles relating to Vishwamitra, but also does other maintenance work, such as categorising files.

Roy says he was initially a “poor editor”, but gradually improved as he got more and more interested in editing. He says editors such as Tomáš Falešník (now an administrator), Zаrеl Smith (most prolific editor and former administrator), Dаniel Hamilton (former pаtroller) and Casper von Naveria tried to help him improve his editing. Roy has cited the source of his large edit count due to him spending his leisure time on editing rather than “how people of my age or younger like to spend leisure time by playing games”. He also states that editing MicroWiki has helped him improve his grammar and literature skills as English is a second language for him. When asked about this milestone, Roy told us: “Crossing 30000 edits isn’t really a huge achievement and I prefer the quality over quantity,” adding: “being a member of the administration, I’ve to work on requests made by others which is yet another contributor of a few edits of mine.” By the Penn Press’s calculations, If Roy continues making at least 5,000 edits every month, he should overtake Z Luna Skye (the current most prolific editor, real name Zаrеl Smith), who currently has 48,046 edits, by late August of this year. When asked about this, Roy told us: “I’m not sure if I’d be able to outcross Zed’s [Smith’s] figures but it’d not end up in a competition. When we compete, we may lose the tendency to provide quality to the wiki as our only aim would end up getting [a] large number of edits.” Smith told us: “I already consider myself semi-retired, [and] so I would love to see another user who is really dedicated to editing MicroWiki overtake me. But I must affirm that I think quality over quantity is much more important [than] edit count, and either way Roy makes significantly high quality contributions.” Both editors agree that edit counts are not as important as the quality of one’s contributions.

Outside of his editing, Roy, an ethnic Bengali residing in India, is a ubiquitous figure in the MicroWiki community. He has held offices in several micronations and intermicronational organisations, most prominently the Cupertino Alliance, Asia-Pacific Alliance, Association of South Asian Micronations (which he is the founder of) and the Grand Unified Micronational. In the Cupertino Alliance, Roy was elected Chairman between August to November 2021, when he resigned before a vote of no confidence could be motioned against him. In the Asia-Pacific Alliance, Roy was appointed as the Vice Secretary-General in September 2020, and later served as the acting Secretary General between November and December that year.

Roy is the second user to reach 30,000 edits after Smith did so on 3 July 2020. The third and fourth most prolific editors are Aldrich Lucas (who is retired) with 28,632 and John I, King of Baustralia with 27,744.

Since MicroWiki’s migration to MediaWiki software on 7 November 2013, over 1,088,000 edits have been made.

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