Purcell Reshuffles Cabinet: Major Changes

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Medici City (Penn Press):

President Devin Purcell announced the following on Twitter.

“The August Affair was a mistake on my part. Replacing my VP with @JR_PFR was not in the best interest of the @RealPennFR , anf I have decided to replace him with @_Stx__ . I have decided to reshuffle my cabinet as well”

Devin Purcell (via @TheDevinPurcell, 30 March 2022, 1422 EDT)

He followed the message with the changes of roles. The following is the list of changes made:

  • Nicholas Fisher will now be the Minister of Public Safety (fmr. Minister of Immigration)
  • Andrew Brotherton will now be the Minister of Defense
  • Joseph Montgomery will now be the Minister of State (fmr. Minister of Public Safety)
  • Jared Racey will become the Minister of Immigration (fmr. VP)

The following is a breaking news story, information will be updated as the story develops.

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