Micronational Community Gears up for April Fool’s Day

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Penn Press Special Coorespondance: In just a couple of days, it will be April Fool’s Day, celebrated on the first of April every year. In the micronational community, just like any other, it is widely popular and numerous pranks, jokes, and stunts are performed on the day. Numerous micronations will go to “war” with each other, monarchs will fake announcements regarding abdication, and even MicroWiki administration are known to play a prank on the community, with their 2021 prank being the display of “pop-up” advertisements on articles, advertising a fake “MicroWiki Premium” subscription, or advertising various micronational political parties or micronationalists.

MicroWiki 2021 April Fool’s Prank on the Republic of Matthewopia article. Credit: Matthew Hubbard via MicroWiki

All eyes are on the site administrators to one-up last year’s prank, and the community is anticipating something big. No reports have been given from individual micronation on their plans for the day, with some speculating that a massive prank will collectively be delivered.

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