President Purcell receives becomes first non-Draculian to receive Citation of the Silver Dragon

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From KBRN Dracul 1 News, Editor-in-Chief Vlad Tchaikovsky reports the following.

MEDICI CITY, PFR – President Luke awarded the Citation of the Dragon in silver to a non-Draculian Friday evening. This is the first time in history that the award has been given to another head of state.

President Devin Purcell was chosen as the first recipient of the award, due to his dedication, respect, and assistance to Dracul, according to President Luke’s statement to Vice President Modena.

“Vice President Modena and I have talked about dedicated “friends”, “allies”, and acquaintances over the past week. It’s difficult to find a high level of dedication from micronationalists these days,” said President Luke. “If you prove yourself to Dracul and show respect as a recognized nation, you are awarded,” he added.

Among the list of accomplishments were assistance with the Dracul MicroWiki page, past conflict support, advertising side projects such as MicroImprovement, and attending MicroWorkshop 2021.

The physical regalia is expected to be mailed out to Purcell this weekend, which will allow Purcell to wear it during ceremonies and photo ops for the Penn Federal Republic. The award was originally part of the Order of the Dragon after Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica turned over the rights to President Luke. It is unknown if there are other candidates being considered at this time.

The article can be viewed here.

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