MicroWiki: New MicroProject Sees Edit Warring

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The following article is on a series devoted to the MicroWiki site, found at https://micronations.wiki

From Medici City, Penn Press reports that the new MicroProject (MicroWiki site projects meant to improve specific parts of the site, such as categories of articles), named the Editor’s Guild, is experiencing edit warring, or conflicting edits between users to undo the other user’s actions repeatedly, between the leader of the project “guild master” Sertor Valentinus (User:Sertor Valentinus) and Indian administrator Dhrubajyoti Roy, (User:Orisu.me).

With the recent “Z Affair” as this publication will entitle it as due to privacy and safeguarding concerns regarding the incident, MicroWiki administration has not been within the best perspective of the community, with some referring to administrators like Roy as “rogue”.

When Penn Press correspondents reached out to both parties, neither was able to provide a statement.

This story is still in development, the story may update as the story progresses.


Upon the release of this article, Roy was quick to respond to the Penn Press’s initial request for comment.

Indian administrator Roy stated, “Wiki namespace isn’t meant for ordinary users to start their own projects. There’s absolutely no harm in doing that in their own user space. They’d ditch the project in a month or two.”

“Guild master” Sertor stated, “I’m not really one for out of the blue statements.”

Additionally, administrator Luxor (User:Luxor) has removed our article from the front-page headlines of the site, citing a missing character in wikitext and not being important enough.

This story is still in development, the story may update as the story progresses.

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