President Purcell Recruits New Minister

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Authored by John Richards – Micronationalist, Author

MEDICI CITY, Penn Federal Republic (Penn Press): His Excellency President Devin Purcell O.D.C. has recruited veteran micronationalist Nicholas Fisher (aka Jay Clover), former head of state in Bepistan, Aenderese Republic, and Auvenum, as Minister of Immigration in the Penn Federal Republic.

It is rumored that this is Fisher’s first micronational post since the passing of his good friend, Nicholas Randouler, fourth Prince of Posaf, in mid 2020.

Disclaimer: The Penn Press is affiliated with the government of the Penn Federal Republic. Due to this, information may be subject to bias. While our editors strive to remain independent, some unconscious bias may slip through.

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John Richards
John Richards
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