MicroWiki in Uproar, Community Strikes Back

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MEDICI CITY (Penn Press): After the recent unbanning of one problematic Zarel “Zed” Smith, formal Prince of New Eiffel, by MicroWiki Head Administrator Andrew Creed, the micronational wiki’s community is in protest.

User has served his time. Absolutely do not harass this user upon their return to the wiki. Doing so will lead to an immediate ban on the wiki and Discord server.

Andrew Creed, Head Administrator, MicroWiki Block Log

Now, an intermicronatal pact between over one hundred members of the community titled ”A Condemnation of the Unbanning of Zarel Smith by the MicroWiki Administration,” linked below, exclaims the community’s resentment of the decision. It was started by the newly started, “MicroWiki for Justice” organization.


Additionally, sources say that the following image was posted to the Discord.

Disclaimer: His Excellency President Devin Purcell O.D.C. is affiliated with the matter. Opinions expressed in this article may be subject to bias.

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