Penn-Dracul Treaty Signed

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MEDICI CITY – Governmental Correspondent

Just a couple of days ago, His Excellency President Devin Purcell O.D.C of the Penn Federal Republic signed a bilateral recognition treaty with the Commonwealth of Dracul’s Secretary of State Valeriano Anibarro, under the Luke Administration. This is a new stage in Penn-Draculian relations, as now official documents ratify the friendship between the two micronations.

Additionally, President Devin Purcell O.D.C. commented that the nation’s Ministry of Finance is closely coordinating with Secretary Isidoro Amalfitano of the Draculian Treasury for proposed custom banknotes for use as Penn Federal Republic currency in the future. On the subject, President Purcell stated, “[We] are still early in the design process, and depending on the proposed cost versus the practical application, it is still up in the air.”

Another action by the Purcell Administration has been to consolidate the Ministries of Police, Fire, and Medical, into one Ministry of Public Health, nominating the current Minister of Police Chad into the Ministerial position. On request for comment, President Purcell stated, “We didn’t have enough people to staff all the ministries to I had to consolidate. It makes more sense regardless to have them as subdepartments anyway.”

Some of the content in this article (may) be/is biased towards the Purcell Administration of the Penn Federal Republic due to this article’s affiliation with the nation.

Devin Purcell
Devin Purcell
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